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Style: Residential, remodel + addition, Modern style
Size: 3,000 sq. ft. remodel area + 675 sq. ft. addition
Location: Napa, above the exclusive Silverado Country Club

Scope of project: Forbes & Son’s was contracted to build the addition in the basement crawl space, adding an office, bedroom, a full bar, and wine cellar. This home was located in the Exclusive- Elite Silverado Country Club and overlooks the Silverado Country Club Golf Course.

Distinguishing structural features: The owner wanted a spacious office and to utilize all the un-used space in the basement and under the house. This is a multi level home on a hillside, built into solid rock. (See project challenges below)

Special appointments: Custom design Cherry book cases and Cherry Wainscoting. All materials were milled on sight and installed. Existing fireplaces (three total) were removed and replaced with custom, full slab granite and mantles. New hardwood floors were installed upstairs and downstairs with a diagonal pattern with a 10 inch border.

Project challenges: Structural supports had to be added to support the second story. Shoring had to be installed to suspend the first floor while adding additional foundation and beams. One of the biggest challenges was excavating the basement down to grade. There was no room for equipment, all the work had to be done by hand with jack hammers. Rock had to be taken out by hand, in buckets, walked up hill and discarded into a dumpster. It took five men 58 days to remove 140 cubic yards of solid rock..