Style: Residential remodel, Craftsman style
Size: 400 sq. ft. of kitchen, breakfast nook, and entryway
Location: Napa, wooded country setting

Scope of project: Perform remodel of kitchen area in a 50-year-old home, updating to a Modern American style. Because the owner wanted a kitchen that would make a lasting impression and be an informal environment for cooking and living, an interior designer was hired.

Distinguishing structural features: Recessed, stepped ceiling requiring specially engineered roof joists.

Special appointments: Custom cabinets made from Ash wood were designed to look like furniture with scrolling and carving on the bottoms, tops, and raised panels. White Maple flooring throughout. Custom windows and doors and custom milled trim throughout. Counter tops consist of honed granite with marble. Furnished with stainless, top of the line appliances.

Project challenges: Limited access and small square footage. Putting recessed ceiling in existing ceiling required new, engineered roof joists to be incorporated into the existing roof system. Custom White Maple flooring needed to match existing flooring elsewhere in the home.