Groundbreaking for your new home is a momentous occasion, transforming your concept into reality.

Efficient, proactive supervision on site makes the difference between smooth execution and costly delays. We dedicate a project manager to each job, and Mr. Forbes personally visits during construction to make sure that everything is proceeding as planned. The project manager coordinates activities among suppliers, subcontractors, and inspectors (Phase 9), and regularly communicates with you about project status.

Despite all our careful planning, we often encounter unpredictable difficulties during actual construction. We need to make numerous decisions in the field to make sure the project proceeds smoothly and on time. Everyone wants to avoid miscommunications and scheduling conflicts that cost time and money. Our project managers have proven their ability to anticipate problems before they occur, taking steps to mitigate or avoid issues that can lead to costly delays or work torn out and done over. And the project manager keeps you informed.

The building phase happens in parallel with Phase 9: Inspections.