Forbes & Sons always recommends materials of the highest quality and grade. We are proud of our ability to offer clients rare materials and unusual finishes that add those personal touches to reflect your style. Our Fully Integrated Approach to Building during Materials Acquisition helps prevent cost overruns and delays that can result from sloppy oversight.

We insist on sourcing top-quality materials. We find that working with inferior products may save you money up front, but usually results in problems down the road. Inferior structural components can compromise your safety in an earthquake, flood, or windstorm. We do not substitute or compromise structural components without the engineers signed approval and the client’s full knowledge and consent, even if other components would pass code requirements.  Lower quality finishes, surfaces, and hardware wear out more quickly and erode the aesthetic ambience of your home.

However, we shop smart. We negotiate with our suppliers to keep costs down. We order custom manufactured items in plenty of time to avoid rush charges. When prices fluctuate between the time we call for bids and the actual purchase, we do our best to anticipate these changes and keep you informed.

At last we are ready to begin construction of your new home!