Bidding begins the process of selecting materials and subcontractors, pricing each portion of the overall construction. As an extension of Forbes & Sons, our subcontractors share our commitment to fulfilling the client’s vision for the project. Over the years, we have developed a list of Forbes' Preferred subcontractors. We know that they have adequate manpower, management, and supervision to complete their portion of the project on time and within budget. In addition to their skills and certifications, which reflect their craftsman status, we also consider their workplace safety record and other practicalities such as insurance bonds. Our subs must be bonded, insured, and of journeyman skills

The experienced Forbes' Preferred subcontractors can advise us of better materials or building methods that can improve the quality of their work or manage the budget more efficiently. We bring their suggestions to the client to fine-tune the design and make a firm commitment to expenses and final cost.

Our Fully Integrated Approach to Building means that we won’t have to hire last-minute substitutes who are unfamiliar with the project. Forbes & Sons requires subcontractors to sign a detailed scope of work, which becomes part of the final contract (Phase 5). Although we rarely have to call back a subcontractor for repairs or adjustments, we require them to agree to a ten-year warranty, an unusual service level in the construction industry. At no additional charge to you, our subcontractors are available for follow up repairs for ten years after construction is completed (Phase 10). Subcontractors who agree to that condition do their best work up front, so that they don’t have to come back later.

At the end of the Bidding phase, we have a complete list of proven subcontractors that value their relationship with you as much as we do. Then we can proceed to the next phase, Budget Review.