This phase considers on the primary design of the home, outbuildings, and surrounding landscape, focusing on layout and aesthetics that resonate with your lifestyle. Forbes assembles the architect, engineer, and landscape architect to organize the myriad details that culminate in the drawings that he uses to bid, permit, and construct the home. With its Fully Integrated Approach to Building, Forbes & Sons collaborates with the architects, engineers, and client during this critical phase to avoid decisions that can lead to expensive, exasperating do-overs later.

As the builder, Forbes & Sons provides an experienced eye that evaluates the practical side of executing the design: availability of materials, compliance with building codes, labor requirements, and other nuances that facilitate the construction process. Clients who wish to experiment with environmentally conscientious designs and recycled building materials will also benefit from our practical perspective.

Preliminary architectural drawings focus on style and site placement. Then the architects and engineers produce detailed computer-aided design (CAD) drawings, which are the basis for activities in all the other phases.