At last! Construction is finished and your home has passed final inspection. The site is cleaned up. And we hand you the keys to your domain. We hope that you feel at home the moment you cross the threshold.

But we at Forbes & Sons are not finished. We want you to be thrilled with our work. We know that even with the most meticulous attention during the design-build process, certain issues happen after you move into your home. Over time, buildings settle, sometimes raising issues from cosmetic aberrations to shifts that affect building systems or infrastructure.

That’s why we offer the final phase of our Fully Integrated Approach to Building: we follow-up with you. We address fixes after you move in, and meet with you annually for the next ten years. If an issue involves a subcontractor, that company is contractually obligated to fix it at no additional charge.

Follow-up is essential, because we value our relationship with you. We want to learn from you how we can improve our 10-phase processes for future clients, and we hope that you will refer us to your friends and associates who desire to build their own dream home.