Getting Acquainted: During this first, and most vital, phase, we focus on exploring your vision, based on your personal taste, your lifestyle, and the site itself. This includes meetings, site visits, and careful research to reveal your concept, then laying the groundwork for designing and building it. By the end of this phase, together we have selected a team of professionals with the best combination of experience, qualifications, and personality to bring your vision to reality.

Gathering the Project Team: Forming the entire team at the start of the project lets us proceed in a coordinated fashion. We work with you to select a project team of architects, engineers, and subcontractors that we know and trust, who have a proven track record for competency, creativity, integrity, dependability, and follow through. We choose professionals who resonate with your style and personality. We want to ensure that everyone understands your concept, agrees on project roadmaps, and takes responsibility for seeing the project through.

Scoping the Project: The project team talks with you about the entire scope of the project, including:

  • Master planning—As the overview of the entire project from start to finish, the master plan helps both clients and the project team understand the timeline and who is responsible for what.
  • Design-build options—As the builder, Forbes & Sons can offer invaluable assistance at the start of the design-build process to prevent problems and cost overruns down the road. When the builder is involved, our clients learn what is possible and how to enhance their ideas. We know the availability and quality of building materials, and we understand local building codes and their influence on design. We can advise you about eco-friendly building practices, helping you to conserve energy or use recycled building materials without sacrificing comfort and aesthetics.
  • Architect relationships—A close relationship between architect and builder can prevent costly missteps, cost overruns, and client frustration. We’ll help you select an architect who has the experience and creative talent you need to bring your concept to reality in any style, such as Tuscan, Modern, Ranch, or Craftsman. We also work closely with architects to incorporate eco-friendly designs and materials, even for clients interested in LEED certification. LEED certification attests to conscientious environmental design and impact of a building. 
  • Landscaping—Both the native site and the client’s vision for the landscape surrounding the house heavily influence the overall design and successful completion of the project. Our Fully Integrated Approach to Building usually includes a landscape architect who plans a seamless confluence between the interior and exterior of the building, creating a pleasurable environment that our clients can be proud of.
  • Building placement—From capturing views to managing sunlight, heat, air, and weather, how the building is placed on the site helps determine how comfortable you are in your home.
  • Preliminary budget projections—Your dream home becomes reality with a predictable budget. While detailed budgeting takes place during the Budget Review phase, a preliminary estimate is an essential touchstone toward success. This reality check influences preliminary decisions and helps clients to prioritize their wish list.

Proper execution of the consulting phase helps prevent future finger pointing that results from incomplete or inadequate planning. It pays off immediately when we begin to develop plans and drawings, the next phase of the Forbes & Sons' Fully Integrated Approach to Building.