Style: Commercial, retail improvement
Size: 6,000 sq. ft.
Location: City of Napa, downtown

Scope of project: Forbes & Sons was contracted to manage the project for another contractor. Management included the demolition phase through the complete remodel of the exterior façade and storefronts. Also called for the engineering and building of a parapet (the exterior wall that rises above the flat-roof line) to accommodate gutters and roof equipment and aesthetic elements.

Distinguishing structural features: Removed eight-foot wide overhang above sidewalks. Special studs had to be attached to the building to secure the parapet.

Special appointments: A complete face-lift was performed on the outside of the building. Glass was replaced in all storefronts. Stylized brick work brought the building up to date. Special acrylic plaster was used on the upper exterior. Custom fabricated tiles and diamond accents finish the outside of the parapet.

Project challenges: Demolition of the eight-foot wide overhang above the sidewalks posed hazards to pedestrians—a pedestrian canopy was constructed. Retailers (tenants) continued to operate their businesses during demolition and construction. The parapet (the exterior wall that rises above the flat-roof line) was complicated, requiring that studs be attached to the building and still have structural integrity.